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Customers enjoy the facilitated strategic conversations for their annual planning process because it is inclusive for the team and everyone participates in creating the focused, holistic view of why the company exists and how it plans to execute this existence, thus increasing the chances of achieving all the strategic imperatives. For most organizations the business planning cycle goes hand-in-hand with the annual budgeting and various team conversations get held in the process of building the plan for the next year.

The business strategy provides an implementable blue print for companies. In order to win your game, you must be ready to adapt to whatever gets thrown at you. Your business requires a strategy that can be suitably adapted for the changing environment around it so that you can enjoy long-lasting success and prosperity. Look out, then look in. This is the key to an adaptable strategy which in practise entails a combination of steps that will allow you to visualise possible changes to the environment that may affect you, examine the consequences, work out the best possible plan to win and act on it.

You get an expert with more than 15 years business and consulting experience and that has had exposure to more than 300 strategic engagements, someone who understands the jason-myhillinterconnectedness of strategy and operations practically because he has run his own businesses, bought and sold businesses, grown in the up cycle and shrunk in the down cycle. Someone who has been afforded a unique view of businesses and the generic drivers for various industries. Someone with a methodical, systematic and analytical approach that has had exposure to business process optimisation, design and systems. Someone who is able to translate complex strategic concepts at an executive level into workable solutions at an operational level and vice versa. Someone who has had direct involvement in technology and software development, e-commerce, engineering, production process control, finance, enterprise resource planning and executive strategy is incredibly valuable.



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