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The Facilitated Strategic Conversation is a 6 to 8 hour session away from the office with your key decision makers that have the power to make the tough call on the direction for the team and will be the ones to implement the decisions. The conversation is exactly that, a conversation and no papers, pens or note taking is allowed. Notes are captured for the team on a flip chart which is found to be the most effective way to keep the conversation flowing.

The framework of the conversation follows an agenda that starts out by exploring the changing environment and centers around the scope of the business. The scope defines what is “IN” and what is “OUT”, which really is the shade of grey that matters and can involve tough decisions. The conversation is not finished without a high level action list that holds the team accountable and then ends off with the vision for the organization.

Anyone may book an appointment for Inclusive Consulting Services. Please use the online service request form on the right hand side of this page to do so. Jason Myhill looks forward to providing you with expert facilitation in business strategy.

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