Competitive Selection

Picking your team 

The South African skill pool is currently affected by a major withdrawal of accomplished and talented people from within our borders to foreign capitals worldwide. The majority of these proficient experts leaving South Africa is not entirely a newsflash. With a growing economy the demand for skills is rising, placing even more pressure on the supply side. With this movement of experienced hands, the knowledge transfer becomes modest to non-existent. This creates an even wider cavity within South Africa’s specialised skill set and the world. Our language challenges and cultural multiplicity broaden this chasm even further. Whilst the objective of the BBBEE policy is to ensure that the upliftment of the economy is represented by a broader collection of people from within our nation, the policy should not be inaccurately rushed or forceably applied, as this will only be detrimental to the industry and the growing economic needs of South Africa. It is imperative to consider the desired growth of the country and our ability to stand up as a compelling nation on the global playing field where competitiveness and knowledge are key factors to success. In order to turn this situation to our favour, South African companies will turn their attention to a key driver in a winning strategy; competitive selection. This implies that the most highly skilled, trained and talented individuals will be selected. However, retaining expert individuals for our economic mobility will advocate a future escalation in innovative remuneration and higher wages.

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