A Construction Scenario Game Board

The early bird stays alive

Taking two principal variables affecting the construction industry, one largely within companies’ control, the on-time delivery of construction, and one, outside of any company’s control, inclement weather (climate change/ environmental impacts), a 2×2 matrix or scenario game board can be constructed. This matrix presents a best-case scenario, a worst-case scenario, as well as two intermediate scenarios. Here is the board on which companies can position themselves.

Environmental change is inevitable. There are two aspects to this uncertainty which determine how well prepared a company will be for any such scenario. One being how large this change in weather will be and another being, how accurate weather predictions are to know when this may occur. In order to help protect from the extreme detrimental affects which inclement weather will have on a business it is best to remain above the horizontal line at a minimum. Companies who consistently finish projects late throw away profit and will eventually close their doors.

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